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studio nafisa Policy


  • Studio provides a very customized and structured curriculum. Students work at their own pace in the class.

  • Our classes have a mix of students at all skill levels. This benefits all students as they get inspired by arts and works being created by students at different level.

  • Our class size is small to allow the instructor to pay attention to all.

  • Lesson duration is 1 hour once a week.

  • A student can join our class any time of the year

  • All parents must sign the registration form before the start of a class.

  • Class day and time is allotted based on open spots. Class day and time can be changed for a new quarter on a first paid first served basis. Fee applies to change the class day or/and time in the middle of quarter.

  • Parents are requested to ensure their child/ren finish the home work given on a time to time basis.

  • Parents are requested not to interfere with any instructing lessons/classes.


Enrollment Period: Our year is divided into 4 quarters.

Fall (Sept – Nov); Winter (Dec – Feb); Spring (Mar – May); Summer (June – Aug).

Minimum enrollment duration is a quarter. A new student may join in the middle of a quarter and need not wait for the next quarter to start. Lesson fees are prorated if joining in the middle of a quarter. Refer to our studio calendar for lesson days, holidays and the number of lessons in a given quarter.


Registration and Fees:

  • New student registration can be done in person, by phone, mail or email.Please drop off / mail the registration form along with fee to:

       studio nafisa
       4260 Westbrook drive, Suite 101, Aurora, IL 60504

  • New students can expect the following fees at the time of joining

  1. Registration fee - $25 required to process application and reserve a spot. This registration fee is carried forward to future consecutive quarters at the studio. A student would need to reregister anytime there is a break of a month or more.

  2. Prorated fee or full quarter fee

  3. Sketch book fee

  • Fees for the quarter is due on the first day of class. A late fee of $15 is assessed if fee is paid after the first day of class.

  • Refunds or credit cannot be given in case of absence or withdrawal. All lessons are forfeited if a student stops taking lessons.

  • Transfer of fee to other student or a sibling is not allowed.

  • Payment can be made by cash, personal check or via your bank through email. Please make check payable to ‘studio nafisa’. If mailing then send to 4260 Westbrook Drive, Suite 101, Aurora, IL 60504

  • $25 charged for returned checks.

  • Sibling discount of $15. Discount applies to 2nd child and more for classes only

       1st child - Full fee, 2nd child - $15 off class fee, 3rd child - $15 off class fee ……


Trial Lesson:

A trial lesson is available for new students by appointment. Usually a trial lesson is provided in one of our classes that has an open spot. The fee for trial class is $15.


Attendance and Makeup:                                                                                                   

  • Students are expected to attend the classes regularly.

  • We allow 2 makeup lessons per quarter in case of emergency or sickness.  Makeups are provided on designated days in the quarter. No separate individual makeups are provided. Makeup must be availed in the same quarter and do not get carried forward to the next quarter. Check our calendar for designated makeup days.

  • Any classes cancelled by the studio will be made up or fees will be credited accordingly.


Drop off and Pick up: 

We have an open studio layout to encourage our students to derive inspiration from all the arts that surround them. We want the class experience to be positive for you and your child.

  • We request parents to drop off and pick up their child/ren on time.

  • Studio nafisa will not be responsible for kids outside of their lesson time. It is recommended that drop off and pickup be within 5 mins of the class start and end.

  • Late pickup fee of $20 would be charged beyond 10 mins after class end time

  • As we have back to back classes, we appreciate no distractions for those in the class. Parents who have questions or concerns regarding the classes, are encouraged to contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to call / email back.



Studio rewards parents of current students for referring a first time new student.


Why do we encourage referrals?

The truth is when kids see familiar faces in a class, they learn better and are motivated to put in their best effort. They open up to positive, constructive criticism from their peers which in turn helps them to learn to appreciate art, ability to critic art and develop critical thinking. We try to accommodate referred students in the same class.


Click here to know more on how you are rewarded.


This Policy is subject to change. This Policy is designed to allow for fair treatment and best possible care of each one of our students. In order to maintain fairness we kindly ask you to honor this Policy, as we will fully honor it ourselves.


studio nafisa policy update, September 1, 2014

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