Cub Scout Badges, Pins and Belt Loops
We conduct Cub Scouts badges, pins and belt loops workshops. We fulfill all the requirements necessary for earning the badge. We also have worksops for fun badges. Our meetings are fun for boys and stress free for adults. We work with the Leaders and identify the specific requirements to be covered and customize the workshop duration and contents for your budget. Workshops must be reserved 2 weeks in advance and can be booked anytime of the year. We can host the meeting at the studio or at your preferred meeting location. 
Call us today at 630-340-0534 or email to reserve a date for the workshop

"Nafisa is great with the kids and highly creative. She did a Scout meeting for us and I was so impressed with how she engaged the kids that I enrolled my son in a class at her studio. I was really pleased with how she managed to get stuff across."

- Heather D.

Art Belt Loop and Pin Workshop


We conduct workshops for

- Art Belt Loop

- Art Pin

- Webelos Art Explosion

Webelos Art Explosion

Visit our gallery and learn about different styles of painting.

Create two self-portraits using drawing and painting.

Make a mobile

Create an Origami Collage

Pay non refundable deposit of $25 for Troop visit after confirming a date with us.

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 Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - 5:30 to 7:30 pm 

 Saturday - 11:30 am to 1:30 pm; 2:30 to 8 pm for Birthday parties

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