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The studio offers drawing, sketching, painting, craft, mixed media and 3D art classes for all ages. Classes are held in small groups to provide individual attention. We offer programs for different skill levels, to help students achieve personal artistic and creative goals. Most of our classes run throughout the year. Register any time of the year.

Let’s Draw (Age 4-5)

This class focuses on developing early drawing skills. A variety of interactive sessions using games and teaching aids are used to instill the concepts of drawing and develop spatial thinking.

- Learn to have the right pencil grip for writing and drawing
- Learn the concepts of art like lines, shapes, patterns, color
- Draw basic shapes and arts using basic shapes
- Introduction to primary, secondary, analogous, complementary, warm and cool colors using color wheel


Materials for class: Supplies list provided upon registration.

Lesson Duration: 1 hour each week

I Can Draw—1 (Age 6+)

Children like to draw pictures. But how to draw them is often a puzzle. This class would teach them systematically this art form and provide a step-by-step approach to learning how to draw. The class would teach how to draw lines, strokes, patterns, basic shapes, 3D shapes, fruits, vegetables, vehicles, symmetric designs, geometric designs, nature & coloring. Your child would leave with a solid drawing foundation that would provide self confidence to explore further artistic possibilities and provide help in geometry, projects, science drawings at school.

Materials for class: Supplies list provided upon registration.

Lesson Duration:
1 hour each week


I Can Draw—2 (Age 6+)

This class would build over concepts and techniques learnt in ‘I Can Draw-1’ class. Students would learn how to bring various elements together to create a composite picture and draw details. Drawing would include nature, landscape, still life, abstract and more. Students would also learn advanced coloring techniques and continue to use the color wheel.

Prerequisite: I can draw-1 class or equivalent competency

Materials for class: Supplies list provided upon registration.

Lesson Duration: 1 hour each week

Sketching & Pencil Shading (Ages 12+)Beginner to Advanced

Children/adults who have a little experience in drawing would find sketching and pencil shading interesting. This class would help your child understand the concepts of tones, values, light and shade, depth and picture composition. Your child would learn to use various pencils/charcoals, working on a variety of assignments on landscape, still life, nature and portrait sketches. Your child would leave with skills and confidence to start sketching on their own. Let the magic of pencils unfold !

Materials for class: Supplies list provided upon registration.

Lesson Duration: 1 hour each week

​Dream Palette Painting (Age 6+)Beginner to Advanced

Children/adults work on one art at a time. Paint a masterpiece from our huge portfolio and take it home. They 
learn to paint landscape, still life, abstract and portraits using a variety of mediums including Acrylics, Watercolors and Oil pastels.

Materials for class:  All supplies are provided.

Lesson Duration: 1 hour each week

Class Duration: 3 months

For more details click here

Budding Artist (Ages 8+)

This is a year long structured program for building beginner to advanced skills using various techniques and mediums. The program covers

Drawing,Sketching / Pencil shading,
Painting, Pencils, charcoal, water color, acrylics, pastels, oils. Participants would be exposed to different styles such as impressionism, realism, abstraction

Materials for class: Supplies list provided upon registration.

Prerequisite: I Can Draw-2 or equivalent competency

Lesson Duration: 1 hour each week

Class Duration: Annual

Register any time of the year


"My daughter has truly enjoyed her lessons there and has grown a great deal as an artist. We purchased a session as a birthday gift and it can be a wonderful way to expose them to different creative mediums. We are very happy there." - Lynn F on facebook


"Thank you for teaching drawing to Satya. I can see her interest is picking up and also her skill is developing too. Other day she was sharing with me that she would like to become an artist." - Sampath K

"Nafisa is great with the kids and highly creative. She did a Scout meeting for us and I was so impressed with how she engaged the kids that I enrolled my son in a class at her studio. I was really pleased with how she managed to get stuff across." - Heather D.
​"My daughter Lauren has created such beautiful works of art at Studio Nafisa!  Nafisa is warm and kind, and brings out the best in her.  Her studio is a haven of quiet and creativity in a busy world."   - Tasha H.

"My daughter who is 8, loves the art classes at studio nafisa. In just two sessions I can see a great improvement in her drawing skills. The classes focus on the basics and techniques of art which is the foundation for drawing on any medium. Their birthday party package is awesome. The kids at my daughter's party had so much fun painting on canvas and working on a craft customized just for us." - Lakshmi


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