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The Art of                                                                       

Our next class is in Fall 2021

The art of Hand writing

Transform your child's hand writing in this class. Learn to write in cursive or improve your child's handwriting.

A hand writing helps the child 
- build self confidence
- communicate effectively 
- stand out amongst peers

- easily read scripts that are written in cursive

- help teachers understand the child's work

A good hand writing has uniformity in 

Slope, Shape, Size and Space.

This class follows a curriculum designed by an artist to provide techniques and tips to easily pick up cursive writing or improve it . It will also provide a framework that allows your child to stay disciplined, practice and write each day. 

Illinois state mandates one unit of cursive writing in elementary schools. While this is a good start, it needs practice to form a habit. Your child would get guidance and more practice to excel in this class.

Contact us if you are interested in improving your child's hand writing.

Duration: 13 weeks

Day/Time: Several options available

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