LEGO Math, Engineering and Robotics class - Fall 2020                                                                  

LEGO Math, Engineering and


robotics Class

- LEGO Makers   Cars and Contraptions, 

  Model building


- LEGO Simple Machines and Engineering 


- LEGO Robotics  Basics and Advanced including programming


- LEGO Math 

The LEGO classes at the studio provide more in depth learning and allow kids to experiment, test and record results in a variety of ways. Kids learn in a fun environment working in teams and focus on problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration. 
- Hours of projects built on next generation science standards
- Put scientific discovery in your child's hands
- Spark students imagination with story telling
- Succeed in math through problem solving
- Designed for every type of learner

- Learn the number system - Natural, Whole, Integers, Rational and Irrational

- Ascending, Descending numbers

- Simple Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication

- Understand Simple Machines and Engineering principles

Ages: 4-12; kids work at their own skill level

Duration: 10 weeks from the time of joining; 1 hr/week


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