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LEGO Robotics 101 for Beginners

LEGO Robotics 101 for beginners

This class is for beginners to provide an exposure to Robotics. Your child would get hands on experience building a robot and program it.

In this class kids will understand the components used to build robots.
Use these components to design and build Robot models.

We will start with a simple model which will be used to program the Robot to perform simple exercises like moving straight, taking turns.


Through these simple exercises, kids will understand programming concepts and logic. Write programs to make the robot perform certain tasks and missions.

Later kids would be introduced to sensors and program using sound, color and touch sensors. There will be simple exercises to understand the functionality of sensors.

Grades - 4th - 6th

Duration: 13 weeks, 1 hr 15 mins/week


Contact us for the Next Session.

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