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Studio rewards parents of current students for referring a first time new student for our Drawing, Sketcing and Budding Artist Classes.


Why do we encourage referrals?

The truth is when kids see familiar faces in a class, they learn better and are motivated to put in their best effort. They open up to positive, constructive criticism from their peers which in turn helps them to learn to appreciate art, ability to critic art and develop critical thinking. We try to accommodate referred students in the same class.


A tiered referral system at the studio is as follows:

Bring 1st student and get $15

Bring 2nd student and get $25

Bring 3rd, 4th student and get $30

Bring 5th student or more and get $40

Form a batch of minimum 6 paying students and receive an entire class FREE for 1 student (7th student). All 6 students must join at the same time.


Referrals given for bringing new students only. Use the referral cash for your next purchase or collect it to receive a FREE Class/Camp/Birthday party. Referral cash available after the referred student joins the class. Referral cash applies to non-Sibling referral.

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