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About Us
Developing and nurturing creative skills and preparing students for lifelong success through creative confidence. We are a premier academy with STEAM focused education for kids. Students who go through our programs demonstrate improved performance in Math, Science and Creative Thinking. They improve their ability to communicate ideas and collaborate on projects effectively. Students learn to connect the dots between Visual Arts and other STEM disciplines. Critical thinking, problem solving and team work skills are stressed upon in our unique teaching approach.

Art, Design and Technology offerings
- classes for design, creative drawing, sketching, painting, mixed media art
- art parties for birthdays and other celebrations
- camps for kids during school holidays and breaks
- open studio hours and facility for amateur and experienced artists
- group events for art badge, patch, belt loop, pin requirements for Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts
- LEGO Early Engineering classes, camps
- LEGO Robotics classes, camps
- After school and Art Enrichment programs at Schools
- STEM and STEAM events at Schools
Our structured proprietary curriculum is designed by an Artist who is also an Engineer which gives a unique approach to our STEM integrated ART programs.
Our Drawing Curriculum
Our Math based proprietary drawing curriculum goes beyond a beautiful picture and focuses on it's practical use. Kids benefit by using Math that they learn in school and see how it is applied in their drawings. This unique approach to drawing helps kids develop an important skill that they can use in future to design, prototype products, sketch and visually communicate ideas, innovate solutions, illustrate, create animated movies and design games.
Nafisa Husain
Founder and
Creator in Chief

Ms. Nafisa is the owner and primary driving force behind studio nafisa. 

She has formal education in Engineering and Art. Her prior corporate jobs involved Electrical and Software engineering disciplines. She also has Certifications in Still Life, Memory, Nature and Geometric drawings.

She left her IT corporate job to pursue her passion in Visual arts and believes in an all rounded education for kids. She is a strong proponent of STEAM education and Design thinking. She believes that visual art along with STEM is an essential part of developing creativity, critical thinking, problem solving skills. She incorporates her lifelong experiences in the visual arts, design and technology into her classes and encourages children to be innovators. She is in a very unique position to help kids connect the dots between STEM and ART world. Since founding studio nafisa, she has instilled creative confidence in 1200+ kids.

On the personal side she is a mom of one high school kid, loves to be outdoors, enjoys camping and hiking and is a half marathon runner. She is a Distinguished Toastmaster, on the board of several organizations and regularly volunteers her time and efforts in the STEM and Art world.

Ms. Nafisa
Our Staff
Erin Bartolotta Teacher.jpg
Ms. Erin Bartolotta

Ms. Erin Bartolotta loves to paint and truly enjoys working with children. She is always excited by the possibilities of color, design and exploring them.She has an undergraduate degree in Studio Art and Master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

She studied art in Japan and Indonesia and brings to her art and her teaching an appreciation for culture and diversity. She paints often and experiments with many other art forms.

When she is not doing artwork of some kind, she loves to read and spend lots of time in nature. 


“We're a very focused art studio serving Aurora and Naperville communities. We are part of your community and have worked with various charitable organizations to give back to our community. We look forward to meeting you and hearing from you" 

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