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Girl Scouts Badges -  Now offering Virtual Sessions
We conduct Girl Scouts badges workshops. We fulfill all the requirements necessary for earning the badge. We also have worksops for fun badges. Our meetings are fun for girls and stress free for adults. Workshops must be reserved 2 weeks in advance and can be booked anytime of the year. We can host the meeting at the studio or at your preferred meeting location. 
Call us today at 630-340-0534 or email to reserve a date for the workshop.


Girl Scouts get discounted pricing.

 Painting Badge (1 1/2 hour meeting)

This Badge covers all the Painting requirements including Mural painting. Girls talk to an artist to understand different styles, subjects and tools for Painting. Girls paint on canvas, a real world scene by exploring colors. They also paint a Mural as a team after deciding on a theme or story. All supplies included. The Girls carry back home their canvas paintings and Mural.

$20 for each Scout

Girl Engineer ( 2 hour meeting)

Make models with LEGO, such as a seesaw, rolling vehicle, spinning top, raft, and many more. By playing with and manipulating the models, experience and learn about simple machines like pulleys, levers, gears, and wheels and axles. Team work engages the girls to build a solid foundation for problem solving.

$20 for each Scout

Greeting Cards (1 1/2 hour meeting)

Have fun stamping and punching shapes to make greeting cards for friends and family. Design and decorate cards with embellishments and come up with scrapbook creations for different seasons and occasions to be proud of. Each scout makes 5 cards.

$20 for each Scout

      Drawing Badge (1 1/2 hour meeting)

Girls experiment with different drawing materials and graphite pencils (2B ... 10B). They use color and draw a still life. They learn to add shading and use smudging for shadows in a landscape outdoor scene. Using vivid imagination like a graphic artist they draw a cartoon / comic scene. At the end of the meeting girls show their drawings to parents. The girls take home the drawings to be put in a portfolio.

$20 for each Scout

Jeweler Badge (2 hour meeting)

Get to know the tools of the trade by talking to a jewelry artist. Make jewelry with metal wire. Turn everyday objects into jewelry - Make two necklaces using different cords and beads. Create jewelry inspired by another culture - an Egyptian Cartouche with shrinky dink. Make a sparkling neckalce with charms for a gift to friend or family.

$25 for each Scout

Community Model (2 hour meeting)

Using the ancient art of Origami and modern paper engineering, girls maker a 3D model of a community with streets, houses, parks and neighborhood. They act like architects and design their home, plan and layout the neighborhood. All the models are later brought together to unfold a magnificent city. Girls carry back the model they make.

$20 for each Scout

Stuffed Doll (1 1/2 hour meeting)

Make your dream stuffed doll. Design by sketching a favorite character or cartoon. Convert the sketch to a stuffed toy using linen, felt and paint. Stuff and hand sew the doll. 

$20 for each Scout

Other Badges - Book Artist, Public Speaker, Girl Engineer

                          Collage​ Artist, Craft Textile Artist


Pay non refundable deposit of $25 for Troop visit after confirming a date with us.

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"My junior girl scout troop had a great experience at Studio Nafisa.  We had a session there last week to earn the jewelry badge.  Our lively 10-year-old girls were calm and focused in Nafisa's peaceful studio.  They made earrings, bracelets, and necklaces during the 2-hour session.  The girls' creations were lovely, and it was a stress-free event for the adults.  Highly recommended"

- Susan M on yelp

"My daughter's brownie troop used Studio Nafisa to earn their painting badge. They chose a drawing as a group and then learned how to draw and paint it. My daughter and her friends came home from the meeting excited to share their artwork and said it was the best brownie meeting of the year!"

- Cara W.

"Nafisa is great with the kids and highly creative. She did a Scout meeting for us and I was so impressed with how she engaged the kids that I enrolled my son in a class at her studio. I was really pleased with how she managed to get stuff across."

- Heather D.

"Thank you Nafisa! The girls had a wonderful time! And we would love to come back when they are Juniors."

- Kathy A

"My Girl Scout troop attended and LOVED the experience! They were so proud of what they learned and their paintings at the Red Panda event."

- Tracey H

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