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6+ years
Age Group


Let's Draw
Arts and Artists
I Can Draw-2
Budding Artist
STEAM Makers
I Can Draw-1
Open Studio Time
Robotics 101, 201
Sketching / Pencil Shading
10+ years
6+ years
8+ years
6+ years
6+ years
6+ years
8+ years
9+ years
3-5 years
3 months
3 months
10 weeks
8 weeks
min 5 hrs @ $7/hr

Class Name

For registration or questions about our classes, call us or contact us below:

Success! Thank you for your interest in a class. We will contact you via email or phone.

LEGO Early Engineering
4 - 8 years
8 weeks

Class Dates/Timings:

Drawing, Sketching and Budding Artist : Classes run throughout the year and we have flexible class timings. Weekdays and weekend timings are available. Please call us for timings.

Other Classes : Our short duration classes run as batches. Call us to find out when the next batch would start.

Registration for Drawing, Sketching and Budding Artist Classes: It is easy to register. A child can register anytime of the year for our drawing and sketching classes as all children work on their own page and at their own pace.

  • New student registration can be done in person, by phone, mail or email.

  • New students can expect the following fees at the time of joining (Applicable for Drawing, Sketching and Budding Artist classes only)

  1. Registration fee 

  2. Full quarter fee or Prorated fee if joining in the middle of a quarter. 

  3. Supplies fee for sketch book /Painting Pad/Canvas etc.

  • Discount We offer sibling discount. 

Want a Trial Class? 

The studio offers a Drawing trial class. Contact us to schedule one.


Know someone else who might be interested in our Drawing classes?

Click here to find how we reward you for referring a first time new student.

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