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How to make a pinwheel


Download pinwheel template here

To make a pinwheel with paper you need the following materials


Printed paper template (Do not have one? Subscribe to our newsletter to get a template via email)

Markers/crayons to draw

Pin (1 1/8”)

2 Round stickers or clear tabs (1” diameter)



Instructions to make a pin wheel (adult help maybe needed)

  1. Print the pin wheel template on a regular 8.5”X11” printer paper. For best results use a 25lb paper (this paper is a little thicker than the regular printer paper).

  2. Cut on outside solid lines to get a square

  3. Draw and Color the cut square.

  4. Cut on the solid diagonal lines inside the square. Take care to cut only up to the line drawn.

  5. Flip and stick the plastic tab/sticker in the center on the back side. Flip again.

  6. Bend the flaps marked B one at a time and bring them together. Put the sticker in the center to hold the 4 flaps. Pin through the center of the sticker making sure that all 4 flaps are pinned. Pin through the center black dot all the way to the back.

  7. Finally put the pin through the pencil eraser.

Note – Pin should not stick out from the other side of eraser for safety.

Run and have fun spinning the wheel !

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