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Developing and nurturing creative talent and preparing students for lifelong success


Classes are held in small groups. We offer classes to suit your child's ability, skills and age. Your child would progressively build skills to achieve his/her  full potential. 


Our camps during school breaks and holidays allow your child to explore different Art elements. It's fun and learn at the same time. They get to integrate Art, Craft, Engineering, Science, Communication and Collaboration in our camps.


Celebrate a birthday with us. We offer customized packages including choice of artwork,medium, design, activities and duration. All guests carry home their creation. Our unique creative birthday package ensures that the birthday celebration is remembered by all guests for a long time.

Now Enrolling: 

Registration for Spring classes and Summer Camps is going on now. Spring Quarter classes start March 1st. 

Reserve your preferred spot today!


We conduct events and workshops for kids and adults. Celebrate your event with us or allow us to manage your creative event. We have organized and conducted workshops for several organizations.


Our studio can be rented for private parties. Contact us for details.


Class schedule at studio nafisa

Monday evening: reserved for group events

Tuesday evening: 5:00 to 7:00 pm for Drawing and Sketching,

                               7:00 to 8:00 pm for Painting


Wednesday evening: 5:00 to 7:00 pm for drawing and sketching

                                     7:00 to 8:00 pm for Art and Artists


​Thursday evening: 5:00 to 8:00 pm for Drawing and Sketching

Friday evening: reserved for group events 


Saturday: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm for Drawing, Sketching   


Students can join our classes anytime during the year.


My daughter Lauren has created such beautiful works of art at Studio Nafisa!  Nafisa is warm and kind, and brings out the best in her.  Her studio is a haven of quiet and creativity in a busy world. - Tasha H.


Thank you for teaching drawing to Satya. I can see her interest is picking up and also her skill is developing too. Other day she was sharing with me that she would like to become an artist. - Sampath K.


My daughter who is 8, loves the art classes at studio nafisa. In just two sessions I can see a great improvement in her drawing skills. The classes focus on the basics and techniques of art which is the foundation for drawing on any medium. Their birthday party package is awesome. The kids at my daughter's party had so much fun painting on canvas. - Lakshmi N.

My daughter's brownie troop used Studio Nafisa to earn their painting badge. They chose a drawing as a group and then learned how to draw and paint it. My daughter and her friends came home from the meeting excited to share their artwork and said it was the best brownie meeting of the year.- Cara W.



We love Studio Nafisa. My daughters loved the the fall art camp and I am hoping to sign them up for the spring break class and hopefully summer classes as well. My brownie troop also had a field trip to this studio and had an amazing time learning about art and doing a project. - D.L on yelp


Nafisa is great with the kids and highly creative. She did a Scout meeting for us and I was so impressed with how she engaged the kids that I enrolled my son in a class at her studio. I was really pleased with how she managed to get stuff across. - Heather D.


Love Studio Nafisa!  My daughter has attended fall and winter art camps as well as attended a birthday party and Girl Scout outing there.  Nafisa does a great job teaching and exposing the kids to a variety of art techniques.  We will definitely attend again. T.O on yelp

I had my 9th birthday party at Studio Nafisa. We did a special craft called Quilling. Most of us hadn't tried quilling before, but we found it easy with helpful instructions from Ms.Nafisa. We loved the project and enjoyed doing it. We had a blast!- Nafisa Khan, 2014


My daughter loved having her birthday party with Studio Nafisa. I would highly recomment it.- Shelly F on yelp, 2014


My junior girl scout troop had a great experience at Studio Nafisa.  We had a session there last week to earn the jewelry badge.  Our lively 10-year-old girls were calm and focused in Nafisa's peaceful studio.  They made earrings, bracelets, and necklaces during the 2-hour session.  The girls' creations were lovely, and it was a stress-free event for the adults.  Highly recommended. - Susan M on yelp


My Girl Scout troop attended and LOVED the experience! They were so proud of what they learned and their paintings at the Red Panda event.- Tracey H

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