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Camp overview and Gallery
There are no camps like ours, where kids get such a wide variety of Maker projects. 
Enjoy browsing our sample projects from earlier camps.
Studio Nafisa conducts camps during school breaks and holidays. Kids choose activities based on their interest. They work on hands on projects focusing on
- Lego Robotics, Lego Maker and design, Lego Simple machines, Lego Math
- Art using a variety of mediums. Participants create mixed media art, origami, clay, painting, jewelry and more. Kids carry back home the art projects they make.
- Engineering and design challenges using paper, found objects and other materials
- Our half day and full day camps also include games and fun activities that promote team building and collaboration.
- Our Summer camps include a field trip to local museum or zoo

Since we believe in the integration of Art with other disciplines such as Science, Math, Engineering and Public speaking, our camps have elements to promote such integrated thinking.

studio nafisa camps

A Happy place for kids to be creative

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