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Artist: Akshitha Y.

Akshitha is in second grade. Her favorite artist is Vincent Von Gogh. Her favorite art work at the studio is "The Tulips and Roses". Her hobbies include drawing, watching TV and playing with her cousin. When she grows up, she would like to be an Artist.

Title: The Smart Penguin
"Every one says the Penguin is smart. I colored it with crayon and color pencils. I felt happy when I finished it"
Medium: Color Pencil/ Crayons                                               Created: 2015
Title: The Cute Chick
"Every one adores the cute chick. The cute chick is the cutest of all. I colored it with crayons. It was a difficult drawing. The wing has reddish and yellowish feathers. I felt a lot of happiness when I finished it"
Medium: Crayons                                                                    Created: 2015
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